Toughened Glass

Toughened or tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal (annealed) glass. Toughened glass is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass.

  • Architectural glass doors and partitions
  • Shower cubicles
  • Table tops
  • Passenger vehicle windows
  • Refrigerator trays
  • Glass in cooking ranges and microwave ovens
Contemporary bathroom with light tiles on the walls and the floor. There is a white sink  with a chrome faucet and a mirror, a white stand with a towel. Over the sink there is a mosaic wall.

Designer Mirror Glass

Designer Mirror can bring about a complete transformation to interior design. The wide range of available effects, patterns and colors allow you to create the desired look in your home or office building.


Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is also known as double glazing glass. These are basically a double or triple glass window panes separated by a spacer along the edge and sealed to create a dead air space between the layers. This type of glazing has functions of thermal insulation and noise reduction.


Lacquered Glass

Lacquered glasses are specially for use in interiors and to make them look fresh and innovative. It has a coloured opaque appearance which is achieved by the application of special high-quality paint to one surface of the glass, oven cured through a superior process.


  • Durability: Lacquered glasses are ensured that the beautiful colours last longer.
  • High-quality finish: The manufacturing process guarantees uniform finish, thereby ensuring that the paint adheres flawlessly to the glass.
  • Ease: These glasses can be easily used and maintained.
  • Environment-friendly: The paints used in the manufacture of glasses are environmentally friendly.
  • Processing: Glasses can be cut, drilled, ground, beveled and edge-finished or polished.
  • Heat resistance: Lacquered can withstand temperatures upto 80°C. However, prolonged exposure to high temperature could result in slight fading of colour.
  • Moisture resistance: It can be used in humid environments, like bathroom and kitchens. However, it should not be in regular contact with water.
  • UV resistance: It is resistant to UV rays, thus, preventing discolouration.

Laminated Glass

Security glass

A range of laminated glass with specialised PVB interlayers to provide high level of intrusion resistance from burglar attacks.


  • Eliminates the need grills or shutters.
  • It gives the ability to see more without compromising on safety.


  • Windows
  • Roof Lights
  • Canopies
  • Glazed Area – swimming pool
  • Overhead Glazing
  • Domes
  • Skylights
  • Glass lift walls

Acoustic glass

A range of laminated glass with a specialized PVB interlayer that dampens external sounds and provides 90% sound reduction. When compared to normal 5mm ordinary glass, Acoustic glass provides an extra 50-60% sound reduction. Acoustic glass is ideal for homes, offices and shops in high traffic zones or near railway-lines and airports.


  • Sound reduction


  • Board rooms
  • Partitions
  • Houses
  • Facades

Mirror Glasses

Created to last for generations, Chandra Lakshmi Mirrors is distortion-free and unlike traditional technologies is an environment friendly product that does not use copper and lead in its manufacturing process. Moreover our mirror lasts three times longer than conventional mirrors and is characterised by enhanced resistance to harsh cleaning products.

Chandra lakshmi Mirror can be used in a variety of applications like:

  • In showrooms for a larger and more spacious appearance.
  • Sliding doors for cupboards, wardrobes, bathrooms.
  • Contemporary furniture.
  • Display shelves and much more.

Special Features:

The superior manufacturing process ensures that Chandra lakshmi Mirror is a high-quality, long-lasting durable mirror that exceeds the most stringent quality and resistance standards.

  1. Copper-free coatings: In ordinary mirrors, once the copper coating is oxidized, due to reagents present in the paint, copper oxide diffuses the silver layer, causing brownish stains to appear. This serious defect is eliminated in Chandra lakshmi mirror as they contain no copper.
  2. Environment-friendly: Our mirror is environment friendly, as lead-free* protective paints are used in the coatings.
  3. Unparalleled resistance to corrosion and ageing: Chandra lakshmi Mirror lasts three times longer than conventional mirrors and is characterised by enhanced resistance to harsh cleaning products.
  4. Compatible with a wide range of adhesives.
  5. Green back paint for easy recognition.

Instructions for handling Mirrors

  1. Installation and Bonding
    • An air-gap of minimum 5mm should be maintained between the mirror back paint and the supporting medium (plywood or wall).
    • The mirrors should be mounted on a perfectly flat, clean, dry surface. Surfaces which are not flat should be evened out or non-metal spacers should be used to ensure that air can circulate vertically between the back of the mirror and the surface, to compensate for uneven surfaces. This is important to avoid distortion of reflected images.
    • The above two requirements are essential when mirrors are mounted in very moist and humid areas such as bathrooms.
    • Synthetic protective collars must be used to minimize the risk of breakage, cracks and splinters, when screw mounting the glass. When framing the mirror or using metal clips, use of non-metal spacers between the mirror and the frame or the clips are recommended.
    • If an adhesive is used to mount mirrors, care must be taken to ensure that the adhesive is compatible with the protective coatings on mirror.
    • As a general rule, for mirrors, use of acid based silicones, such as acetoxy silicones (containing acetic acid) or water, rubber, and polyurethane-based glue is prohibited.
    • Double-sided adhesive tapes are better, even when using these, one must ensure that they are compatible with the mirror’s protective coatings. Adhesives must always be applied in vertical stripes.
      1. Cleaning – Use clean water only. Ammonia based detergents or other strong and reactive products should not be used.
      2. AIS Mirror must be dried immediately after cleaning, especially around the edges.
    • Cutting
  2. Cutting tables must be covered with clean felt.
  3. Neutral cutting oils can be used but only in small quantities.
    • Storage
  4. AIS Mirror must be unpacked as soon as possible.
  5. AIS Mirror must always be stored vertically on a soft surface such as wooden boards with spacers, in a dry and well ventilated area, away from heat and reactive materials such as chemicals, acids, etc.
  6. AIS Mirror must never be stored outside in open air.